La Boheme

Aspen Opera Theatre Company

Costume Designer - Marina Reti

La Boheme was a huge cast of 60 singers on the historic Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado.  In addition to my duties as Costume Shop Manager I was also Draper, Cutter, Stitcher and Wardrobe for the run of the show.

A Doll's House

Swine Palace Theatre - Baton Rouge, LA

Directed by George Judy

Scenic Design - Szu-Feng Chen

Costume Designer - Robin L. McGee

Lighting Designer - Ken White

Sound Designer - EunJin Cho

My project for this production was Mrs. Linde.  I constructed every garment for this character except the hat and the blouse which were both pulled from stock.   I got to fit the corset and then the skirt, apron, vest, and Jacket.  The biggest challenge was matching the plaid on the bias down the center front and back. 

Michelle  L Hathaway

Professional  Costume Designer and Costumer

Pete n Keely

Alpine Theatre Project

Director - DJ Salisbury

Set Design - Bob Phillips

Costume Design - Kerry Bechtel, Bob Mackie

Lighting Design - Driscoll Otto

In addition to my duties as Costume Shop Manager overseeing the alteration of vintage Bob Mackie gowns, I also custom made the white dinner jacket worn by Pete.  The collar and pocket flaps are oyster silk and the jacket is a monochromatic satin jacquard.  Construction of the jacket took three days and Mr. Naughton was thrilled to have a custom made garment.

The Miser

LSU Department of Theatre

Director - John Dennis and Nick Erickson

Scenic Design - Travis George

Costume Design - Arthur Oliver

Lighting Design - Ken White

Sound Design - Eun-Jin Cho

My project for this show was the bias cut gown worn by Frosine.  In addition to the construction of the gown I beaded the bodice and dyed the fringe to meet the designer's vision.  Other projects for this show included distressing Harpagon's robe as seen on the Costume Crafts page.