Professional  Costume Designer and Costumer


I discovered Millinery in graduate school and that discovery has blossomed into a passion.  My thesis work was done on millinery styles and techniques from 1914-1927, supported by my work on LSU's production of "The Royal Family."  Since then I have broadened my scope both in time period and materials.  I create my own hat blocks when needed and I am always looking for the next millinery project to challenge my skills.

Painting, Dying and Distressing

Various examples of Painting and Dying projects.  The distressed costumes in this section are from "The Miser" and "The Living."  There are more examples on the Costume Design page under "A Cry of Players."


Mask work is a fulfilling experience for both the technician and the performer working with the mask.  These masks are made of extruded soft foam, buckram, wire and fabrics.  I have also instructed students in mask making including paper mache and latex mask construction 

Michelle  L Hathaway